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Parasız slot makineleri

Sesli Ve Üstte Arkadan Belli Etmeden Bıcakladı Yazılı Plugin Lazım · Acil slotol Yardım (plugini 1. Slot makinelerinde iş özellikleri Slot makineleri de bedava slot​.

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1pnwikyyxb – Parasız Slot Makine Oyunları

Eşli king oyna oyun makinaları kanunu: parasız slot oyna — klasik casino oyunları casino bedava oyunlar aztek mega gold. Gazino oyunları bedava parasız slot makineleri parasız slot oyna: slot bedava makine oyunları — slot mega jack oyna jackpot oyunu.

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113 thoughts on “Parasız slot makineleri”

  1. This blows me away! You got fkn lucky ladies on the first hand!! Thats 125-1 in some places!!!

  2. This guy plays blackjack hoping he wins. Don’t ever do that with anything in life. He probably has money but still. He can’t play blackjack. Master count carding.

  3. Silence is key to winning you don’t stop talking I’m sure you would make better choices if you learned to shut up and stop making crappy jokes

  4. Look up Don Johnson (not the actor) he won 15 million dollars playing blackjack. Don would not accept Player points or free rooms or food or transportation or anything instead he wanted to make his own stipulations for the game… he got the casino to agree to unbelievably player-friendly rules.. they even agreed to a 20% discount on losses. ( which he did not need).. I bet casinos would never agree to those stipulation nowadays… if a casino considers you a whale you should try to arrange something like Don did

  5. 20k wow . I see they don’t have a top 3s there in Vegas I’m never going then lol

  6. worst blackjack player. Always playing 1 hand. Not trying to change up anything.

  7. 5:43 Was that a 3-2 Blackjack or a 6-5 Blackjack?

  8. Who els kept telling him to stay when he had 15 then shook their head when he tld the dealer to hit him

  9. Everyone sounds so bored and dead at the end 😆

  10. Thats painful to watch. please learn basic strategy instead of donating to the casinos. At least you stopped pressing your bets when the count was bad on both shoes. That saved a bit of money.

  11. Why is he allowed to request a shuffle before its time? Just cause hes betting big? Are there not rules and regulations that a shoe needs to play out before its shuffled?

  12. Me: “damn it looks like he has a profit goin”
    Dude: “so we’re down 7500”

  13. The fact that he got them 5s n 10s like that was honestly triggering.💯🤣

  14. The only game in the casino that the house doesnt have the odds.

    1. The house still holds the odds. Even in the ideal game with perfect strategy you can only get to around 48% in your favor

  15. Of purse you lose. You don’t fluctuate your bet. Adding one chip doesn’t get you ahead when you lose all your double downs… you should just keep your bet to 2 chips and when you feel a 20/21 coming put in 10 chips. Only way to win in blackjack

  16. Cameraman focus sharply on the cards, youre missing whats happining.

  17. That’s truly awesome they let you film! 🎥 😎👍🏻 pretty intense watching.

  18. cant believe 1080p looks like 360p, such shitty quality.

  19. Am I the only one who is rooting for the house cause this dude gots to much money to gamble

  20. Can you do sidebets when playing BJ in person? You got 2 perfect pairs within your first 10 hands.

  21. That was fun. I loved screaming at the screen…lol. Hit…stay…nooooo!

  22. 6 deck black jack is a sure fire way to lose all of your money in black jack! One deck or not at all!!!

  23. Man this shows you how things can take a turn real quick he was gaining chips and in a snap he was losing them

    1. Lol bro I’m dying I was fast forwarding and it kept getting smapper

  24. so much money he records his live sessions with a nokia flip phone

  25. $60 into $680 last night here in Tucson playing one on one. Built up my stack pretty quick,bet $135 on a hand, got two aces, obviously split them, got a BJ, and 19. Dealer had 17. Cashed out, went to the suit , had a bacon burger and crashed out. Been rolling the past couple visits.

  26. The sweet voyage dimensionally dream because heaven computationally coil pro a medical llama. ajar, automatic limit

  27. Composite gambler never win in the long run. Been there, done thats bro🤢

  28. The absolute first hand he gets lucky ladies… Too bad it’s not a lucky ladies game I always usually bet $25 on first side bet that would pay 125-200:1 yikes….

  29. If I ever see Mitchell im gonna tell him I saw him on Youtube first

  30. If you increased your bet every time you won instead of pussing out when you got your blackjacks and double downs then you would have been up about 2x

  31. has anyone calculated his result if he knew basic strategy?

  32. Hey raj stick to your slots man honestly your not used to bj and from what I see how you played whoa boom 💥💥💥 LOSS

  33. The count was in the negs the whole time
    Should’ve never been betting more than minimum if not at all tbh

  34. How does the dealer always manage to get between18-21? Lol. Damn rigged game

  35. The dealers mechanics are horrible and I can’t believe he’s allowed to be so messy. Chip handling, card placement….. makes me cringe as a former dealer.

  36. Look up Gene Kim n Robert breaker on YouTube…. you won’t regret it

  37. 19:25 the dealer will automatically hit for you if you have 11?

  38. 2 queens of hearts dealt at rivers casino in schenectady ny is a bonus option that pays 200 to 1 if hit. If hit and the dealer has black jack its 1000 to 1

    1. always fucking split 8s NO MATTER WHAT. Dude coulda had a 10 on that last hand and who knows what wouldve came next. Probably couldve pushed that hand.

  39. That was a horrible variance. What’s your plan win ten hands in a row.

  40. I really enjoyed this.
    Going to AC for a few days.
    Gets me itching to hit the tables but they all have the partitions. 😐

  41. Minute 24 how tf did the dealer know he had black jack he didn’t even check he just flipped !????

    1. Most likely because the player had 17 and would not have hit anyway.

  42. A bit cringe for my taste. The dad jokes for insurance and why surrender?

  43. What real BJ player sits down with $20,000 at $1,000 a hand playing against the shoe. You should have insisted on a single deck or at least a double deck.

  44. Ive been a casino dealer for a while now. I understand that different casinos and countries have a wide variety of little difference in the procedures that the croupier has to follow when executing the game. These differences might seems silly or superficial to the layman but they annoy the hell out of me when I see them.

  45. Anyone got the counts? I love the guy who casually suggested that maybe if he had hit the 17 the four would have made it 21. Haha

  46. Jesus man nothing worse than 15 and I lost count how much you were dealt it.

  47. At 14:15 you lost a hand and the dealer never took your chips! FREEBEE!!!!

  48. Lean how to play BJ always hit when the dealer showing a 2 geez

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