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  1. From the Bacharach Homes, Pitney Village days. When shit was real af. When the Inlet was a shithole, when six beds and v.a c. Were a death trap.

    1. Andre yes Chris Chrisbie! I thought R.I. was corrupt! but Jersey is. a dump!

  2. Atlantic City is the closest thing to Las Vegas if you live on the East Coast. Been almost 20 years since I been here. ( Im from Connecticut )

  3. Cant even have no friends cause I have no clue whoa a real one

  4. i dont care what part of AC he drives through, it will never be like it was and looked in the 90s! im from
    philly and i remeber as a kid coming into Ac it was projects to the right. the pink building or school house, ocean av etc..

  5. Did they ffix up AC? That city was a slum last I was there back in the day.

  6. Its like he missed all the bankrupt buildings from Trump and all the washed out areas. Tsk

  7. Also go to Wilmington , Delaware 100 times worse then this

  8. Dude no disrespect but you missed the AC hoods. /you drove through the quiet parts. The spots that was live back in the day. Read The Press of AC to see the Hood areas. Video should be called stroll through AC during the day

  9. Nothing Hoodabout anything in this video. Try East New York, then come talk to me. AC isnt as bad as everyone makes it out to be

    1. Yeah Ac isnt bad because you dont see killings there like philly or compton

  10. What da hell ya doing in the hood, yous in the wrong neck of the woods 😂

  11. Nice and creative Videos,I can see A lot of thought has been put into the content and editing of the video, This is really my favorite channel.:) .🌴🌴🌴excellent 👍👌👍👌👍 🌴🌴🌴 🌴🌴🌴 🌴🌴🌴 🌴🌴🌴 Burlington city new jersey 2021

  12. Grew up in the area this video definitely does no justice these are the nice areas. Between 1995-2006 AC averaged 50 homicides a year, then you add Pville which is next to it you come close to 100 homicides a year. Where i live now i tell people about the raids,shootings and killings they think it out of a movie. O YEA FYI summer is most dangerous in AC and Pville whole blocks get shot up.

  13. Doesn’t look too bad. I’m in philly so this is nothing

  14. Esta muy bonita y los casinos.pero hay mucha jente Blanca y de quelor.moreno.robando adentro .delas playas alos cell.y sin tud.cartera..obolso.y mucha.jente.drogadicta..anbulando..alos.rededores..da miedo. Caminar enla. Noche.enla playa

  15. Didnt go down Tennessee Ave, down Ocean Ave, back Maryland, Ducktown, Stanley Holmes, The West Side, by the Library, etc. etc.

  16. I Miss Atlantic city. I cant wait to move back. Bad idea moving to Florida 🤦‍♂️

  17. man nvr getting weed from jump block again niggas sold me k2 9:36

  18. This guy went on west side Atlantic an pacific avenues an bungalow park talking bout ATLANTIC CITY NEW JERSEY HOODS playboy you way off

  19. AC is just a mess. Jersey is turning to shit. And this doesnt show the half. This is just the casinos. Not the homes and actual communities around them. Its so depressing

  20. It not bad now. In the late 90s early 2000 it sucked once you left the boardwalk…

  21. WTF is this shakey ass low budget camera bullshit like who th ed fluck go sit and watch this shaky shit lol.that vehicle is a piece of junk.

    1. Wow this like the forth one you commented on stupid ass, if you know what I do stop watching you lame ass waste of life

  22. The actual hood starts like 3:30 in, the first area is the nice part, although nothing in AC is really nice come night time.

    1. w/e when I went to AC at night 😳😳😳 strip club on every corner

  23. Doesnt look that bad. Its cleaner in Newark where there garbage all over the streets. Hear its clean

  24. People got a better chance on that slot machine than they do rolling the dice even a block off the strip frfr

  25. So what are you saying?!?!,My hometown is hood..

  26. Wow remember all that road,blackhorse pike?or whitehorse?lived in ventnor city.worked at Pf changs,trump marina now a new name,showboat french quarter buffet,which is a new name,in 2003 to 2007,loved riding my bike on the boards to work an back friends good times and good food!I wonder if game on bar is still open.thats the pic you see of me cowboy nite!rode the mechanical bull!!rose my bike to trump marina too through those streets you say hood.not bad considering im Newark born.raised in suburbia though

  27. He didnt go through Ducktown,where I used to live.🤥🤔😏

  28. What’s the store wit the porn movie theater in the back called again ?? Someone help me out haha

  29. You didnt go to Back Maryland, Stanley Homes, or Buzby Village……you dont know shit

  30. When I go to Atlantic City *i live near there* I never see a zumiez

    1. E*rokk Whitaker I know we’re the outlets are but I just never past zumiezs

    2. It’s Kathleen Diplan Zumiez is part of the Outlet stores,near Puma😉

  31. These arent the hoods come down where im at around the inlet and Back Maryland.
    This is just a peaceful in AC.

  32. Well it doesn’t look to bad it look like it can be save by the mayor if you look at the places like New York ave back marylyn um the inlet Venis park projects Stanley homes carver hall and the area around the Holmes center well around the back of it and there is a poor area behind Tropicana now that’s the ghetto hoods what I said 😏

    1. It just a quiet Nabor hood don’t look too bad to me

    2. Well it dues look pretty poor there but Camden philly New York City Washington DC it’s no joke over there

  33. I been here many of times when I was a kid looks like AC has improved some now a days I remember the hood area was not so clean back in the 80s and 90s

  34. never been to the US, came here to see what Bruce Springsteen was talking about.

  35. Ill never understand why, on some internet platforms, cities with affordable working class neighborhoods are viewed and portrayed as a negative or the hood.

    1. @Christian Polina you said Nashville 😂😂🙈 when has Nashville ever been bad LMAO. Thats like saying Austin is bad. 😂😭 Now if you wouldve said Memphis then yeah.

    2. @dust pup I barely walked on the boardwalk and was begged by 4 different people for money

    3. Christian Polina wtf did u c in Nashville? The KKK?

  36. This is click bait go threw back Maryland and Stanley homes

  37. Atlantic City is just old it needs to be rebuilt with new home and more stores . I have the best memories there .

  38. Atlantic City is not like that it’s a shore town with casinos and attractions it’s not a big city that has a bunch of bad hoods Stanley homes and back Maryland that’s it the rest is old Nabor hoods he went to non of the hood so this video was meet to be Atlantic City’s oldest nabor hoods Atlantic City is a great place to be in the summer time

  39. Its always good to see home. The Cabrones on Pacific would always entertain me; after 8pm beware the Pimpin. Stay away from the
    711 on Pacific theres always cats getting robbed. Free advice from a former AC boy: after 8pm stay the fuck home.

  40. The day this games over will b the happyest day of my life.since niggah act like they dont know what to do brahhh Im so over this shit.i got b lit just to get thur the day.then I still have to keep my promise or attempt to.then I gotta b my own army n etc .Im over this shit

  41. Puts the ball on the floor, hits the jumper. Uses the forearm to create space.

  42. Lmaooo not Sunny’s
    The store before that always has some crackhead or drunk dude. Wack.
    Should’ve went to Atlantic Ave and got some Chinese food for the trip.

  43. for ffs why the bloody hell do you inflate the volume to an unbearable level in stores and fuel stations . Totally spoils the vid .

  44. Born in Atlantic City Hospital raised in Atlantic City ! The 80s and 90s Atlantic City was off the chain! Its a ghost of its former self. Fentanyl laced dope

  45. This bitch driving clearly doesnt know where the hoods are lol

  46. Trust me, these are hoods. The people know they don’t live in a nice place. I wouldn’t live in any of them, not having to.

  47. I stayed at the Howard Johnson not far from what I think was the projects it’s right near the outlets

  48. Great To Know about it! It was Informative.. You can check out cost effective hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey
    – enjoy the video –

  49. Used to stay in the inlet and piney village before they shut it down…lived in brigantine then Margate (safer neighborhood)

  50. I lived there for a year. Hardest hood Ive seen was Back Maryland and Stanley Homes. Compared to Camden, Newark and Philly hoods, it was soft as wet tissue paper.

  51. 🕺🏾Atlantic City Changed Dramatically!!!!😔(Ive Had Good Times😎 There Tho While It Lasted👍🏾Especially When Ocean 1 Was Around😃)

    1. Gee Status Ocean 1,wow!I worked at Normans back then & Warner Bros.Studio Store on the boardwalk.Work was good,economy was good,just a great era overall for A.C.

  52. Shoulda went through my old neighborhood, 32 N.Florida Ave
    aka Ducktown 😀

  53. Yeah. If youre not from the area, dont step off boardwalk, during the day but especially at night. Bad shit happens to the shoobies that dont know any better.

  54. man forget this, its getn too bad in ac. im going to Detroit to buy me a house for one dollar. its gotta be better then this junk….

    1. “I’m going to Detroit to buy me a house for one dollar” I’m crying 😂

  55. I used to love Fish Heads on Martin Luther King. A friend of mine worked there and he was a chef at Docks Oyster House, too. Fish Heads had the best food! I was very sorry to see both locations close, that was a shame. He only shows a blip of Stanley Homes?! And that building next to it- the Liberty. Whatever happened to Hermans bar and Piggys? Is Crown Fried Chicken still on Atlantic Ave by the Old Studio Six? I used to like their banana pudding. I had a lot of bad memories and good ones, too in A.C. I hope all my old friends are well. I think about Tweedy sometimes, she was a great person.

  56. This SOUTH JERSEY a lot of homeless transients have moved here now, 4 murders this month, that 1st store @ RED CLOCKS liquor store area is OFF the CHAIN! I was there last night had to wait in line outside, I notice a lot white people are moving in MY area slowing, you see them in the morning walking to get their MEDICINE, since the VIRUS its been a DROUGHT, wish their was more for the YOUTH here, over all dont trust no one, SHOUT OUTS TO ALL THE HOOD! 📣

  57. Ive been going to AC since 1978 it has always been fun yeah we went into the hoods we messed around with the hookers on the Strip went to all the strip clubs went to all the casinos great memories 🙏✝️🛣 driving down the AC Expressway what a great time thank you Atlantic City and thank you God

  58. AC is a block boy city. Lot of drug pushers/addicts . don’t fuck up noby money n you be str8.

    1. No cameras that go to police everywhere and a playground now
      A huge one

  59. That city looks clean and big buildings for 37,804 people.

  60. 14 murders in a city of 38 thousand people thars prettt high if u ask me

  61. AC is my 2nd home I love all my brothers an sister out there

  62. To see more of these videos in cities you have been requesting Please Donate by Debit or Credit to;


    1. people get shot at westside every 2 weeks (smh)

    2. CharlieBo313 If your going to give a hood tour then really go to the hood. You drove past certain spots but didn’t stop. You should have WALKED through Stanley Holmes, went to Back Maryland, Buzby Village, ACA, or pulled over at Dunkin Donuts and walked to Popeyes, or even just go to the renaissance plaza parking lot. Let alone downtown on pacific ave. If you want to show the REAL Atlantic City, bring your camera when the sun goes down you’ll be surprised at what you’ll see.

    3. CharlieBo313 YOU MISSED MOST OF THE HOOD??????



  63. Im from ac & this is not the hood. Where is backmaryland, the Village

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